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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by urmf, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. urmf

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    If a warden at the start says "go to the yellow line" "you can do whatever you want on the yellow line just dont leave." Is it possible for the guards to kill you if you jump because people specifie it as "Leaving the Yellow Line"

    I personally dont like this and would like to know what the higher staff's opinion
  2. Feminine Bill Nye

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    No that would be breaking rule Guards: 7. You are not allowed to kill reds because they are micro steps off of where they are supposed to be.
  3. sig

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    Micro steps cant be measured in air?
    7. You are not allowed to kill reds because they are micro steps off of where they are supposed to be.
    Yes you aren't allowed to kill reds because they are micro steps off the where they were supposed to be, but if you told to do whatever if they are jumping that's legitimately your fault for jumping.
    ex.) When going to the line and you are micro steps off, warden might have turned on collisions and pushed you off the line, which is not fair to the red. (which is what i think this rule was based off of)
    But with the Do whatever you want on the line. It is your fault for jumping and not the wardens fault for turning on collisions (in the ex. i gave)
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  4. Valias

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    I would personally say no because I understand your jumping aka “Do whatever you want on the yellow line “ sort of speak but if you want us to do whatever we want on the yellow line, why would you kill us for jumping on the yellow line, we aren’t away the yellow line or like out of range (meaning walking out of the yellow line)
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  5. Arcane

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    While I personally understand why someone would kill a red for jumping, I feel it's largely too strict of a definition to be necessary. It may be possible that people started thinking that way more often because when I say something of that sort I specify that I do not consider jumping to be leaving the line, just to ensure my intention is understood.
    In this particular instance it's going to end up as a point of conflict only if people are extremely strict about it, akin to detouring and delaying.
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  6. King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale)

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    Remember, even if you jump, your shadow stays in the line. Therefore you're not out of the line.
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  7. Griffin

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    People who kill you for that are just freekilling on purpose and obviously know you can jump. I'd assume..
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