X_X mario gamer pro! JailBreak Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by X_X mario gamer pro!, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. In Game Name (Steam Name): bazzaf (bere)

    Have you been around for atleast one month: Yes (Stats for proof)

    Provide the link to your jailbreak stats: https://idleserver.com/jailchat/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=45261

    Are you older than 16: No

    What time zone are you in?: Central Standard Time (CST)

    Do you have mic: Yes I have Mic

    Are you willing to go Warden?: Yes

    Have you read JailBreak Introduction?: Yes

    Have you read over the guidelines?: Yes

    How many hours do you have logged on our JailBreak server: 14d and 19h it says I have only this amount of time on the server and I don't know why but I think I have been on the server for a month at least

    Which Server do you play on the most?: JailBreak Server #1

    Are you in school?: Yes

    Do you have somebody reputable that is vouching for you?: offset, troxi, KyptoKlutz and GreasyWombat.

    Other:My ping is decent on Jb server #1 (7-25 ping) I'm a decent typer and can type 37 wpm.
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  2. KyptoKlutz
    No Mood

    KyptoKlutz Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Never breaks rules. Only when it's an accident. Mega support
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  3. GreasyWombat

    GreasyWombat One Poster

    What Kypto said. Also he's on all the time and is a really serious player. Would def make a great mod.
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  4. ICE

    ICE Active Member

    I completely agree however I personally have rarely seen him on blue. Also the age of the occupant is quite young. So potential until I see him more on blue
  5. I am pretty young but try to be kind to others and be mature most of the time. I will also try to be on blue team more.
  6. nip nop

    nip nop Member

    probably the best at parkour on jailbreak but hes very young so i do not support
  7. gamer

    gamer Well-Known Member

    @ICE I don't see how not playing on blue makes him a less good candidate?
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  8. KyptoKlutz
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    KyptoKlutz Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    And although he is young, his maturity levels are very high.
  9. THE bat hoovy

    THE bat hoovy Member

  10. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    You need more time here is all I can say besides that I would need to see more of you helping others so yeah.
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  11. Valias

    Valias The Special Jailbreak Wizard! Staff Member JailBreak Admin Jailbreak Trainer

    He is young, Yes, we all understand, but i agree with some people that we need to see you more on blue, plus you are very mature, unlike some other young teens, but till i see you on blue more.

    -/+ Potential
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  12. gamer

    gamer Well-Known Member

    +Potential, makes weird noises, btw you can’t flex with 37 wpm so step that up
  13. KyptoKlutz
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    KyptoKlutz Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I got a max 50 wpm and I manage. That's what binds are for
  14. I’ll try to stop the weird noises, try to practice my typing skills a little more, and I will make some binds if I have to. (mostly for freezing, turning on ff, and etc.)
  15. The God of Obby Himself
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    The God of Obby Himself Active Member

    +Support He's active, mature for his age and a cool player that I've seen around a ton (Seriously every time i look in the menu to see who's playing he's always there). All i'd say is that he needs a little more time as a blue (I've only seen him in red).
    also he totally isn't super good at obby or anything like i am and putting me into obscurity, pfttt.
  16. Nightly

    Nightly zoapthedev Staff Member JailBreak Admin Jailbreak Trainer

    I beat my high school's and vocational's schools record cause I hit 140 WPM when I was in detention one day.

    -/+ Potential from me, based on the positive support that I have seen, but I still want to see you in action myself.

    Good luck!

    Thank you for applying.
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  17. Hepodix♦
    Android Fan

    Hepodix♦ Previously Hepodix☭

    - Fun to play with
    - Very Mature
    - Knows the rules very well

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