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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Starlight, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Starlight

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    I was banned from IdleServer.Com JailBreak for: I do not know

    What server? What time?: 6:23 Friday the 24th

    What is your Steam ID?:

    Why do you feel you should be unbanned?: I have no idea why I was banned and I couldn't find anything on the logs about it.

    What are you appealing?: Server ban

    Additional information?: I was just in rage banned by RedTF2 and maybe like 30 minutes or 1 hour later Benjamin comes on and I said and I quote "YAY ITS BENJI" I didn't think much of this because red was already here so people knew an admin was there. Then out of no where bam bang boom I get banned. Yes I know I this is a second appeal in a week but I checked and there where no reports on the forums and not many people complaining about me if I can't get unbanned I request you lessen the time.
  2. RedTF2
    Dr Pepper Addict

    RedTF2 Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Admin

  3. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    I don't think I left the servers to avoid something and if I did then it was probably to do chores or something because I know what happens when you (try) to avoid a ban.
  4. Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★

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    I had gotten 2 reports that you had massively freekilled on the servers and you had left minutes earlier before I could connect to the server, this incident was 2 days ago, in the afternoon after there were a number of freekillers being banned. After investigating with one of the regulars that were on at the time, you were claimed as a mass freekiller on that Thursday (PST) with some console logs that were recorded in the direct messenger. I'd wish I was there much sooner to just guardban you, but you had left the server after your little fun, and so I had waited for you to come back onto the servers so I may ban you for bailing out on your punishment. "To do a chore or something," really makes me question this further, but I absolutely don't want to push this farther then it already is; your ban is for 1 week as of that Thursday afternoon (PST), and I won't be lifting it after your reports of the incident and your previous track record of multiple teambans and server bans.

    Thanks so much for your time, and have a wonderful weekend.

    Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★
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  5. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    Okay I understand I will not push further or try to argue even though I disagree I will just have to deal with it. But one question why didn't you ask me for my side?
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