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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by J Triggs, Feb 24, 2019.

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    Many, many, many of you have requested various changes to the rules.
    Well here, an official place to put your suggestions:

    (Changes and Removals):
    1. Rule to change (ex. Guards #1, Warden #15):
    2. Example to change it to (if you want it removed, just put removed):
    3. Why do you want this rule changed: 
    1. Section to add to (ex. Guards, Reds):
    2. What is your recommended addition:
    3. Why do you want this rule added: 
    1. Changes will not be applied until after I close this thread.
    2. Any posts in this thread that are not requesting rule changes, or quoting another users request to give it CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, will be removed.
    3. If you have multiple rule change requests, put them in a single post, each with it's own format piece, edit your post as needed.
    4. Responses should be perfectly legible, I shouldn't have to learn a new slang to read your post, it will be removed.
    5. Do not post with something like +support or -support, if you want to show support, give it an agree rating, if you want to show disagreement, give it a disagree rating.
    6. I do not want to read any requests to change the new rules surrounding 'Glad day' or 'Meat Grinder'.
    7. Other staff members have my full permission to remove posts that go against these informational rules for this thread.​
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  2. gamer

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  3. daily

    daily Well-Known Member JailBreak Mod

    1. Change to Guard rule #22 (Only TF2 related questions allowed during trivia/jeopardy)
    2. Trivia/jeopardy questions must be related to Valve games. (Left 4 Dead, Portal, TF2, ect.)
    3. Being restricted to TF2 related questions gets boring after a while, I just thought it'd be a fun change.
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  4. Peak

    Peak Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    1. Rule #6
    2. Remove
    3. Just takes more time/delay for wardens to smoothly transition into the 'game' part of the round. If warden wants reds to first be inside their cells or the yellow line, they can do that, but should not be required. Not being restricted to rule #6 makes games including hunger games, hide & seek, or manhunt much easier to control for both blues and reds as blues are already in armory and not scattered, and reds can potentially have more time to do whatever they have to do. Although rule #6 can be fulfilled with a short sentence, the requirement of it has gotten many unsuspecting wardens banned and is a general hassle to consider for more experienced players and staff.
  5. THE bat hoovy

    THE bat hoovy Can't Stop

    1. Banned items 18:Your eternal reward (auto disguise)|
    2. Remove
    3. You can't talk on red even if you killed a blu and disguise as him and it's still easy to tell if they're a red or not, and it's fun if it is back.
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