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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by ThyFieryTile, Apr 11, 2018.

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    While I was in Dallas 2 I saw another player mention spamming "rcon" in console and I tried it (figuring it would only kick me or crash my game) and then I got this

    "Bad RCON password
    Mithras: !givelr
    Mithras is giving someone a last request...
    ] Rcon
    Bad RCON password
    ] Rcon
    Bad RCON password
    ] Rcon
    [TF2Jail] Mithras has given ghostkidscc a last request.
    Mithras has given ghostkidscc a Last Request as Warden.
    Bad RCON password
    ] Rcon
    Disconnect: Added to banned list.
    Disconnect: Added to banned list.

    Completed demo, recording time 1669.2, game frames 104059.
    Banning -------------- for rcon hacking attempts
    L 04/11/2018 - 20:46:09: Addip: "Permenant Revolution<161><[U:1:315504301]><>" was kicked and banned by IP "for 1440.00 minutes" by "Console" (IP "------------")
    L 04/11/2018 - 20:46:09: "Permenant Revolution<161><[U:1:315504301]><Red>" disconnected (reason "Added to banned list")
    Dropped Permenant Revolution from server (Added to banned list)
    Connecting to
    WARNING: NET_OpenSockett: socket failed: WSAEPROTONOSUPPORTWarning! NET_ConnectSocket failed opening socket 0, port 27005.
    Connected to"

    and I have no idea what happened but I can't even find the server in the server browser, and if I try to connect via IP address it says "server not responding" so, I don't know, also I did check my blacklist, its not there, and I will update what happens tomorrow if it lets me in.

    Also I don't know if this should be posted in the ban appeals or not since the "Banning ------------ for rcon hacking attempts", also it wasn't a staff issued thing, I wasn't on blue (So I wasn't banned for freekilling), and I wasn't hacking.

    EDIT: I am now able to get into the server.
    Another edit: Removed IP
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  2. DoctorDingDong

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    Yeah, the player who told you to do this is what we call a troll. On almost every server, attempting to enter an rcon password or rcon command a certain number of times without success will result in an automatic kick, ban, or permanent ban. The reason it said "for rcon hacking attempts" is because most rcon hacks work by trial and error, meaning they try changing several variables until the actual password is randomly entered. In this case, it only took 4 errors for you to receive a day long ban.
    There is no problem with rcon. This is how it's supposed to function.
    Problem is, your ban doesn't appear to be in the ban logs. Just wait until it's been 24 hours since you received the ban. If the ban is still in place after that, then you can update this thread accordingly.
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    ^^^ This is how you type. ^^^

    You Dont Type By Capitalizing Every Sentence And Talking Like You Would In Real Life With Stuff Like "Well" Or "Uh" Because It Gives Me A Brain Hemorrhage
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  4. ThyFieryTile

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    Understood and fixed.
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