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Discussion in 'Denied Admin Applications' started by Will, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Hey, so I have been playing on this server for a while now, I have seen people mic spamming, Hacking, ext. I was never able to do anything but ask to stop. I thought it was about time to apply for Moderator. I can help the community even more if I get this. The question is How do you mute someone? /sm_mute "name of the user" "amount of time" "reason for the mute"
    How do you gag someone? /sm_gag "name" "amount of time" "reason for gag"
    How do you disallow mic and text talking? /sm_silence "name" "time" "reason"

    I am 17. Play for around 10-12 hours at a time, everyday. I love helping the community. I trade a lot to help people. I help people when they ask how to do something.

    Thank you guys for reading my application.


    Extra Info:

    Servers: IdleServer.Com:27015


    Time Zone: I am able to admin the servers any time. GMT -4:00

    Support: Will do, I have made many friends on the server. I know they will support me.

    Will you get mad if you lose admin: No I will not be mad if I lose my admin.

    What do you type to ban your own SteamID for 30 minutes forthe reason obvious aimbot?: /sm_banip "name" "time" "reason"
    Admin Experience: To be honest, about 2 servers.

    Additional Information: I have a great attidute. I make people laugh, I help people, I love helping the server the way I do as of the moment. I have made a lot of friends on this server.
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    You need to be active more. For instance the last 5 days straight you have not connected in to any servers.
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