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Discussion in 'Denied Admin Applications' started by David Cendejas, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. David Cendejas

    David Cendejas One Poster

    Servers: To be honest, I play on Idleserver server #2 the most

    HLStatsX: https://idleserver.com/stats/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=131315

    Time Zone: Pacific time, on weekdays I have school so it depends on homework, usually 4 pm - 9 pm

    Support: Flux Snuffaluffagus, penguind00d

    Will you get mad if you lose admin: Not at all, If I got my admin status taken away it would obviously be if I made mistake or did something wrong.

    What do you type to ban your own SteamID for 30 minutes for the reason obvious aimbot?: sm_ban #steamid_0:0:0000000 30 "obvious aimbot"
    Admin Experience: I've been admin on several MineCraft servers but never on Team Fortress 2. I loved being admin on one server and a lot of people liked me on the server. Also I have been admin on a gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town server which is a lot of fun stopping rdm'ers (random death matcher's)

    Additional Information: I am 14 and currently have lots of friends and I am a freshman at high school. I am very friendly and always willing to help people out with work and such things. Also I have taught my step brother how to play lots of video games so I am experienced in teaching people to play various games. Also I want to help the server out because I hate when I log on after school and see people freekilling on the jailbreak server, and I would like to help stop people from breaking the rules :) (And by the way there is sooo much admin abuse on the server right now. I think his name zextado or something and he named me "retard" and froze me when I was warden and the admins on the server were doing nothing about it. And a guy I'm pretty sure got nicknamed "fuck". This is making me just a little mad... :/ )
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  2. Flux (Jordan Yao)

    Flux (Jordan Yao) One Poster

    Awesome Friend, Nice Guy, Mature Player If I Could I Would Make You Admin Any day.
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  3. Princess♥

    Princess♥ Owner♥ Staff Member Owner

    We also have a separate section for when we need to look into admins abusing their powers. Thanks for the application, we will look into it.
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  4. DarkTigre32

    DarkTigre32 ServerModerator Staff Member Server Moderator

    Personally guessing, the donators...
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  5. Princess♥

    Princess♥ Owner♥ Staff Member Owner

    Thank you for applying Flux, however; admins need to be 18+. You can re-apply in our mod section.
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