Julius Caesar is really cool

Discussion in 'General' started by urmf, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I was doing a project in school where you had to research people and I picked Julius Caesar because he is really cool. he was like the big guy of Rome and stuff. some people liked him and some didn't it was mean because the Senate killed him which is stupid. some other stuff I talked about in my project is how Keys are equal to Five. its confusing but will make sense if u understood what I was saying.

    G Z O O Z M - Y
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    This is Puzzle 3 of the scavenger hunt
  3. urmf

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    The scavenger hunt has now finished (Red Won)
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    I know it's over, but how did you get D out of this?
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    Caesar Cipher. The o’s are meant to throw you off.
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