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    In an effort to appease the gods of Idleserver, I'm going to try to show you guys a neat and fun program called "Incredibox"

    It's actually really freakin' cool, it's basically a drag-and-drop style music making program, if that makes sense. It runs on Adobe Flash and can easily be played on the website. You can make custom music, upload it to the masses, then watch your likes soar! I've been addicted to it lately, and have been listening to the music I made while doing homework, which is actually not a bad idea (thank you Mango for that compliment, you're welcome Mango.) You can also unlock certain videos that correlate to the mix you made according to the order, which I find is cool. There's only 4 versions on the website, however they have another version on the mobile app (which can be found on the website) called Brazil and are currently creating another version. The mobile app is currently only available to Apple devices however will be released to Android users next Friday which I'm pretty stoked about. Overall, a pretty fun and good way to pass the time, gets your creative juices flowing and makes your ears orgasm.
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