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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by urmf, Apr 28, 2018.

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    I was warden and I said "out of cell rebel" like I always do and then I told all blus to get inside the armory. I myself didn't go into armory because I needed to see if reds left cells when they were supposed to. as I thought the reds left their cells without permission to. I started to kill birds but then I got guard banned for it. The staff said "you weren't inside armory when you were supposed to be" my argument is that I don't need to be in armory because I was telling my other blus to go into armory just how you say "all blus off mic" and they warden can still talk. then the staff said "it's not the same thing" and "stop arguing."

    I am not mad at any staff and I don't want to throw shade, get anyone demoted or punished for anything I'm just asking to know. I want to know who is correct and the reason why they killed me. I am mad at how all staff doesn't let you refute the ban or ask the reasoning behind it. If you try to understand their reasoning or give your opinion on the ban then they call it arguing
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    If it went down as you stated in this post, you were in the clear.
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    It was me who gave out the ban, and I'm not gonna argue with ya, I thought the rules were different for some reason, and the rules weren't loading so I couldn't double check myself, I was totally in the wrong and I apologize for that, however I'd like to say I never complained about you arguing, I'd actually encourage you too because there are times where i'm wrong too, and I don't see a reason for me to be ignorant and say i'm right you're wrong, that would just be foolish, no need to expand further in this reply, if your ban is still active just message me and i'll hop on to remove it
  4. urmf

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    Meliodas, I didn't mention names because I know people can mess up and it's a simple mistake. to be honest, I don't give a shit about the ban I just care about making rules as clear as possible so the grey areas aren't grey. I don't want you to be punished or anything. You also don't have to do anything it really doesn't matter. I don't hold grudges and I never will because it's redundant, ignorant and too much work.
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