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Have You Played Dungeons And Dragons Before

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  1. Captain Meliodas
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    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Hello all, Mr. paladi---uhhhh Captain Meliodas here and I have an idea brewing that I thought could either be fun as hell or go down in flames

    As some of you know I'm an avid player of dungeons and dragons, for those of you who don't know here's just a general brief synopsis of what D&D is

    D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game, using a variety of books (which I can easily send you online) you make a character, study up on rules, and emerge yourself in the roleplaying world, with your made character you go through a campaign made by your dungeon master, and experience a detailed story through your character, you fight monsters, seduce, make quick decisions, and have shit loads of fun, almost any character can be made that you can think of, so long as you know what the rules allow, the dm allows, and your imagination allows.

    well back to the paragraph above my explanation, I've been playing d&d for about 8 years now, I've tried multiple modules AD&D, 3.0, 3.5 and most recently 5.0 and I've had a lot of fun throughout the years of doing it, however In all this time I've never dm'd a long lasting game, at my school I help run a dungeons and dragons group, and as for next year, I'm on the roster for becoming the DM and I'd like to have a little experience under my belt before I do it, for I have only dm'd small sessions and short games, now of course I could always get together with a rag tag group of online people I don't fuckin know, or I could do it with the Idleserver Family, I know a few people on idleserver play dungeons and dragons, but I'm more interested in knowing if anybody might want to play or learn, as for the game it would be set up as so

    (also I have no idea if my links will be removed or anything because there isn't a clear set of things you can and cannot do on the forums)

    The campaign would be set up on Roll20 and online virtual tabletop simulator, where I could set up the game. There are some steam apps that are made just for d&d but those cost money, and the best part is Roll20 is a free website.

    Now as for the books don't worry, I have an online collection of the books people can use if they don't have any, one being on a google drive between my d&d party and I, and one through an archive of roleplaying books which I will link here & Dragons/D&D 3rd Edition/D&D 3.5e Core/
    If that website is confusing for you since there are SO many roleplaying games on there, let me know, and I'll just share the files on google drive, where our DM has over 50 books stored

    The moral is...who's interested in either playing d&d as someone who's played before or learning to play the game with the rest of the party and I to help... I'd be prepared to run 3-5 players, so if you're interested just leave a comment, with this format


    Prior D&D experience (if so how much, and what versions)

    Available times to play (EX: Friday,Saturday,Sunday 3-6pm)

    Do you have access to the books? If not, would you prefer a google drive to be shared with you or the online archive?

    Rules and regulations you would like to be put in place

    Etc (Anything I should know about, additional information, questions, and concerns)

    I don't know how many people are interested, it could be 0, or it could be 10. Don't worry about a lack of experience, if people like you or not, or being socially awkward, all are invited so long as they've come to play the game.
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  2. Festive Michael Rosen

    Festive Michael Rosen Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    s I g n m e t h e h e c c u p

    I have the regular players handbook and xanathars guide to everything.

    Michael Rosen/Andrew

    6 months experience 5E

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3-8 Weekends 12-9

    I have no specification on rules or regulations
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  3. Leinoto
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    Leinoto Member

    What version of dungeon and dragons is it though?


    No experience

    Monday-Friday 4-8

    Saturday-Sunday 8-8

    I don't care about what rules you put
  4. Optimist

    Optimist Well-Known Member

    Never played, but would be interesting.


    No experience whatsoever.

    Monday-Friday: 4-12 PM

    Saturday-Sunday: 12PM-4AM

    Never played, so rules matter not.
  5. BGUltimate

    BGUltimate Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod


    A couple of session in real life tho.

    Week Days from 6:30ish to 9pm

    Nope, and yes

    Dont care
  6. Captain Meliodas
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    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    For those of you who are interested in playing we'll be Playing D&D 3.5 & Dragons/D&D 3rd Edition/D&D 3.5e Core/Player's Handbook v3.5.pdf

    these are the very basics I want everyone to read over, just how combat works and character creation so read pages

    and page 6

    the rest we'll be going over for the new players, and i'll help everyone out as much as you need

    Remember in the Link from my post, there are over 20 books, read over as many of them as you like! just you're only really required to read over those specific pages

    I'm looking forward to DM'ing this game!!!

    This doesn't mean signups are over if you're confused, if you're rejected don't take it personally I won't add or deny anyone based off of preference
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