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    This will be updated in more detail to come..

    We have some what of a "Donation Manager"

    What options do I have to donate to the community?
    Currently we have one option
    1. $5.00 USD for each month (PayPal)

    What do I get if I donate? (NOTE: While donations are active)
    1. Special Chat. People will know you help fund the community
    2. Special Access on servers (more to come)
    3. Auto-balance immunity
    4. Reserved slot on some servers.
    5. Special Permissions on certain servers. Ex:You could mute people on prophunt if they expose players.
    6. More access to plugins (More detail to come) (like bunny hop and stuff that would not effect server..)
    7. Access to Donator only server
    8. Show as Donator on forum and on Donator list page

    Would I get No Clip Access? No only way to get no clip is to RTD

    How does this work? Generally it is agreed you would want to help to donate on a long-term basis or it is not worth the time of setting up or generally helping the community long-term. After you have signed up for subscription you simply send me private message and I'll put you into system. I receive email upon you canceling subscription at that time I remove you from system at the time of email(its hard to keep track).

    We are fully sufficient from ads, donations would help us build coffers which all communities should hold to sustain highs and low. We want to maintain top notch hardware and large donations are always welcomed.

    Can I donate just one month? Generally yes, but understand it takes me time to put you in system. You would want to cancel before the next month subscription and I would take you out at that time. It inconvenient but not difficult so please don't hesitate to give it a try!

    What to expect in future:
    We would like to look into having trade bot that will take metal in exchange for donator benefits. If you have the expertise to set these up private message me.
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    how do I donate?
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