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    This list will simply list all our current Admins

    By being a Admin your have a special tag and the ability to mute without vote. You have the ability to kick people from the server and many commands within our admin menu.

    Your duties are simple to enforce the rules of the server only when needed.

    Mute = Not able to use Mic
    Gag = Not able to use Chat
    Silence = Not able to Either

    Kick = Removing User from the server (They can join right back)
    Ban = Blocking entry to the server

    Anybody permanently banned should also be reported to Princess or Wing

    Director of Admin:

    Want to be a Admin? Show active participation. You must have idled minimum 20 days on our servers and show you actively know the rules. Explaining the rules to others in chat history shows you understand how we operate. Derogatory chat history results can void you from eligibility for Admin position.
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