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  1. Age: I am 13 years old born on June 19, 2000

    Servers: The server I will hopefully be Moderator for is | Server 10 | 24/7 Idle | Friendly


    Time Zone: My time zone is Pacific time

    State: Washington

    Support: If you think I would do well please reply. (I will be asking around the server and let them know as-well)

    Moderator experience: I am currently new towards tf2 but I have had a lot of great friends Help me learn the basics and more advanced stuff. All though I have owned 5 servers till I had to shut them down because i couldn't run them on this laptop as it is very slow.

    Favorite Pizza Topping: I don't have a favorite single topping but I normally get Meat Lovers pizza.

    Additional Information: My family struggles with money because my dad is the only one working and works for the government as they a having issues atm. Me and my mom are stay-at-homes as I am homeschooled and she only works from 5-around 9 p.m. on Wednesday's. I have issues my self as I have ADHD, Odd, add, And am obese. I have been bullied in school ever since 3rd grade and still am getting bullied as of 8th grade. I enjoy gaming as it is my life and only have one friend. To me a friend is some you hangout with and can trust. A buddy is someone you talk to. So my life is pretty rough! My dream job is to become a lawyer because I can negotiate well and know a little not a lot about politics. But my main goal to become a moderator on this server is because I appreciate everyone there and it is the main server I can play without much lag with my really bad laptop.
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    Thank you for applying FuzzyManBoob12321, however; we aren't taking any mods/admins for our front idling servers. Your application will be re-looked at when we do need more mods.
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