How to trace route IdleServer.Com

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    This link explains in detail:

    You need to run CMD in windows. Go to start run and type cmd or on windows 8 just press start button type cmd and press enter.

    inside cmd type
    This will take a couple seconds to trace out the path from You to the Server

    Right click "Select all" then press Ctrl-C to copy. You now have the information you can paste into email or forum report.

    If you are having latency issues this information will allow us to tell if it is something we can work to fix or if it is your connection.

    We are always glad to help you can email for any support related concerns.
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    Here is my example. It takes me 76ms under best circumstances to reach server. You can run this muliple times and see if the results vary

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops
      1    1 ms    1 ms    <1 ms
      2  100 ms    25 ms    24 ms []
      3    *        *        *    Request timed out.
      4    24 ms    22 ms    23 ms
      5    28 ms    27 ms    28 ms []
      6    43 ms    43 ms    32 ms
      7    63 ms    63 ms    63 ms []
      8    64 ms    68 ms    78 ms [213.248
      9    85 ms    75 ms    76 ms [184.10
    10    76 ms    77 ms    86 ms [184.105.
    11    82 ms    76 ms    76 ms
    Trace complete.
    Trace route explained:
    1. It took me 25ms to get out of my house and down the street to At&t
    2. 28ms I was down at At&t in Dallas which offloaded me onto
    3. From 32ms-64ms is At&t bullshitting getting us over to which somehow routes thru Europe.. What ever the case we reach HE arriving on 100gig port
    4. 75ms HE took me in on their 100gig into datacenter in Fremont, California
    5. 76ms HE multiplexed us down onto 10gb port inside datacenter
    6. We arrive off the 10gig switch to our 1gig port in 76ms
    I know its weird the route they took but look it's only 76ms and I'm in Fremont, California passing packets 1357 miles away.
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