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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by Ghastol, May 31, 2018.

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    See now in HDTF (Hold down the fort) It say's in the rules only administrative user's can give permission now I do not remember Moderators being admins? Yet I can count so many mods that have. An administrative user is a admin not a mod so what does this mean?
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    Wait are you asking if mods and admins are the same thing? An administrative would be someone who "Runs a Business" and here Mods and Admins are running the server or at least watching over the server. The only difference is the permissions the admins have permissions, to ban and such. Yes, They are the same as Administrative Users.
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    I quite literally spent an hour trying to find a strong sounding inclusive word that encompassed EVERYONE with additional permissions, administrative is that word.
    An administrative user is anyone with additional permissions that are considered staff, and before you say it, 'staff' is not strong sounding.

    Admin > AdministratOR (administratER).
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