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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Ghastol, Nov 25, 2018.

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  1. Ghastol
    Holy Shit

    Ghastol Active Member

    What is the problem? Fem guard bans me for no reason

    What do you want us to do? Fucking tell her shes wrong she done this once now it's her second.

    Steam ID for the person you are reporting.

    What server were you on? Idleserver #1

    What time? 11:41

    Additional information? I got guard banned for 60 mins here is the video (they were killed for delay and watch the entire video. also I'm mentioning my voice is annoying.)

  2. Ghastol was guard banned for no reason, the reds were supposed to go to the yellow line, hugging and facing the wall to their right, but half of the server delayed so ghastol killed them, then Fem guard banned ghastol for killing more than half of the server even though it was delay.
  3. Captain Meliodas
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    video is unavailable, meaning you my friend need to fix it before it's counted as evidence
  4. Ghastol
    Holy Shit

    Ghastol Active Member

    I just fixed the video it was set to private sorry about that please try to watch the video now
  5. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Ok... so that gag was very questionable however you gave info on who fell in the pit. Whether the info was correct or not that isnt for bill to know she just saw info from a dead person=gag

    Regarding the line command. For starters people were talking over you when you gave the command and reds were asking for a repeat which is up to you to give, you still should have given a repeat because you were talked over. Leaving that aside, the reds were clearly on the line not hugging the wall like you asked and were delaying. I do not see how this is not delay, so I do see grounds for killing them. Like I said before I would have given a repeat and probably would have prevented all this.

    -just my opinion
  6. gamer

    gamer Well-Known Member

    As for my opinion, I think it was delay because they were suppose to go to the wall and not on the line but why couldn’t she have just muted the blues that were TOW?
  7. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I would of respawns the reds for the fact the fact that blues talked over you. Then muted them. I would not have guard banned you but I would have told you to repeat yourself I'd your talked over.
  8. Captain Meliodas
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Well ghastol I did see you using the @admin to bypass a gag for something so I guess don't do that?

    @Feminine Bill Nye
    You probably need to give your opinion on this, But here's mine

    The mic kept getting cut out due to other blues talking, which bill should have said something about, and even if not you should have told them to get off mic ghastol. In all technicality you didn't do anything wrong, you did give the order, they didn't do it, and almost half of the server heard the order, the others however were focusing on the other guy who shouldn't have been talking

    I can definitely see the confusion in this, and mostly ghastol this stems down to your unwillingness to give that repeat, I get some people are trigger happy but killing half the server because the blues are talking isn't a valid reason, you probably just should have given the repeat mate

    Bill, You seemed to be ban happy here, your logic is unsound to me, and I wouldn't have banned ghastol, overall I do think this is a mistake on your part. You claimed that it wasn't delay to not do something, which I guess is technically correct, BUT

    BOTH OF YOU, are overlooking the actual rule that's in question

    15. You're not allowed to kill more than half of the warden obeying reds, unless they are detouring or delaying.

    Pretty much I don't think I have to explain that, i'm in support of Ghastol for this one, oh and both of you might want to read over the rules again, a bit has changed since 2-3 years ago since we've started playing, all of the older players like myself keep forgetting to do that

    But overall, Do I think this is something that's really Mod abuse or punishment worthy?'re making a huge spectacle in the heat of the moment, it's better to clear your mind before making a report to dispute a ban, but I instantly didn't want to believe you because

    There's a certain level of maturity to be had before you get what you want in life for anything, that includes something as small as a video game dispute for a ban that you can get over with in less than a day. Just calm down before you spur something on that can be fixed with a simple rule check and dm, if she doesn't listen try and see if you can get another mod or unbias person to help, and ask them politely and calmly as well, chances are we'll help you. It's kind of the job
  9. gamer

    gamer Well-Known Member

  10. RedTF2
    Dr Pepper Addict

    RedTF2 regnam Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    I’m pretty sure detouring/delays apply to when you’re going some where, not when you’re supposed to be doing a certain action. I.e.: “Reds go to yellow line”. That’s just my opinion on what it means.
  11. Arcane

    Arcane Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I honestly believe the easiest solution for the scenario in question would have been to realize as the warden that your blues were talking over you and to simply repeat your command before killing people for detouring or delaying.

    I wholeheartedly enjoy a warden playstyle that is critical of his reds, but it's just not fun when the point of conflict is communication, rather than a failure to follow instructions in full.
  12. J Triggs
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    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    The ban is justified as far as I can tell. They asked for a repeat, I didn't hear one given.
    Due to the blues being incredibly loud, you also could barely hear the first orders.

    Just to clear up any calls on the gag.

    Fake ghosting, is still ghosting.
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