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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Ghastol, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    What is the problem? Michael Rosen slaying me for no reason..

    What do you want us to do? Tell him to not do that?

    Steam ID for the person you are reporting.

    What server were you on? Dallas #1

    What time? 3:30 (Texas Dallas)

    Additional information? So he asked me a question about Ghastol what class is Blackdestroy123 like I dont know I didn't pay attention to when he first joined because I do not have to be constantly be paying attention to his class and plus by the time Michael Rosen asked me he couldve changed teams changed teams so I did not know so I said demo because I did not know he then slays me for not knowing something not related to whats happening to ingame Jailbreak right now please fix this man he does so many questionable things goodbye have a nice day
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  2. Optimist

    Optimist Well-Known Member

    Well... The reason for the slay is a bit out there... but, you lied.

    And after you repeatedly insulted Micheal after words, you don’t help your case.
  3. RedTF2

    RedTF2 Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    To be fair, Michael asked a question to which Ghastol even responded "I don't know", which Michael still pressed an answer for. Which led to a guess, which led to a slay. The slay was excessive.
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  4. Festive Michael Rosen

    Festive Michael Rosen Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    hooh boy. Let me respond to every point made
    1. "I didn't pay attention when he first joined" It should have been relatively easy to check. By either holding tab to check or finding him yourself.
    2. "I don't have to be constantly paying attention to his class" I'm not actually going to refute that, theres nothing wrong about that.
    3. "By the time Michael Asked me he changed teams" This is actually false. When I went spectator to check, he was still on blue, he was a heavy, and he was in nine square.
    4. "I said demo" You didn't have to do that. You could've said I don't know again, which at that point I would've asked another blu, or checked using the methods I stated above.
    5. "He slays me for not knowing something" Also false, I slayed you for saying something which was a lie, that being he was a demo.

    Edit 6. "please fix this man he does so many questionable things" You've complained to me about my actions in the past and I've told you to make a post if it really upset you that much, but you always refused.
  5. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    First of all that's just fucking retarded Second of all I do not have to be paying attention to whats going on in the scoreboard unless which my team mates are dead and Third of all again why does it matter because IT'S NOT RELATED TO JAILBREAK understandable have a nice day
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  6. Festive Michael Rosen

    Festive Michael Rosen Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    What part of it isn't related to jailbreak? it was a member of your team in jailbreak.
    Also what is retarded? If you want to refute me be more specific.
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  7. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    What is related to jailbreak? It's what is happening at the moment if someone was freekilled if someone is just doing something wrong or weird and just in general about the topic etc.
  8. sig

    sig Active Member

    When did he ever say that you NEEDED to pay attention to the scoreboard Michael was simply suggesting a way you could check who joined, By using the tab button to see the scoreboard.
    And I'm pretty sure everything was JAILBREAK RELATED
    And whats retarded?
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