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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Ghastol, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    What is the problem? Spamming Leaving non rebel reds letting reds have ammo not during dr giving out a server wide freeday

    What do you want us to do? Serverban him for 1 month

    Steam ID for the person you are reporting.

    What server were you on? Dallas #2

    What time? 11;35 PM

    Additional information? I am sorry for the potato graphics quality but...
    and for some reason my audio in the video did not work
  2. sig

    sig Active Member

    I feel like a Server ban for him for 1 month is a bit of a stretch. I'd say max its a server ban but I feel like this would just be a long gaurdban like 200 min not a Server ban for 1 month
  3. RedTF2

    RedTF2 Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    I'll server ban him for a day, but I think a month is way too much for such offences.
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  4. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    I actually do understand now
    that night I was just overly pissed
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