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    On the Minecraft Daylight map, the control panel to get out of the pit in obby has a small ammo pack right in front of it. As we know, a red with ammo is kos. If a blu knows the ammo pack is there, what should he do when the red comes out? DingDong tested to see if he could get out WITHOUT picking up the pack. He did, but he said it was very difficult, and most reds wouldn't take that much care to not pick up the pack. My personal opinion is the red shouldn't be insta-kos, but definitely kept a close eye on. Of course, this issue could be avoided if the warden says pit is KOS, but that won't always happen. This is an interesting topic, so I want to see what you guys think. Should the red be insta-kos, should it be up to warden to say no pit, should the red be innocent until proven guilty, or maybe some in-between?
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    I mean, he’s kind of already innocent until proven guilty. You can’t prove he picked up the ammo. Since DingDong tested to see if it was possible, then you cannot “insta-kos”.
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    A simple method of testing it if you know the player that fell is a sniper is to have one of your blues stand above the pit, as snipers will often peek from below before exiting. If he loses his head to the person that you know fell down the pit (Sig does this a lot), then you can confirm that individual had ammo that way.
    Doesn't always work if the player is cautious, or you failed to see the player that was first in the pit
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    damn dont call me out
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