Casuarina Box Game Exploit

Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by Starlight, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Starlight

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    What is the problem? casurina map glitch box game

    What do you want us to do? remove from map chain and fix

    Steam ID for the person you are reporting.

    What server were you on?

    What time?

    Additional information? if u start the game and get in u can shoot boxes out of the game and if u stop the game the kill thingy goes to doorways and if u touch a doorway u insta die instead of boxes killing u from what I have heard falcon is the one who found this and never reported it
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  2. RedTF2
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    This is an old exploit and is up to the map creator to fix it. This is also not something worthy of a “report”, since theses are typically for players, hence the questions asked when you fill one out. This thread belongs in the “TF2 Jailbreak” sub forum.
  3. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    Can u move it to there please and thank you.
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