Captain Meliodas Leave of Absense

Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by RedTF2, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. RedTF2
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    This post is to inform everyone that @Captain Meliodas will be unavailable due to his computer being broken.
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  2. Captain Meliodas
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    Idleserver finally let me log in on my phone, so let me explain

    I woke up after one storm ass nithn where our power was cut out due to the winds, when I tried to get on my computer that morning it didn't turn on so when I took a look I saw a fucked up motherboard and for some reason a processor, I understand the motherboard buy I've never seen a processor get fucked up due to a power outage, the only way I can pay off the expenses and be able to replace these parts is too get a job, however I'm 14, so any job I get will be lowpaying, and nobody wants to hire a 14 year old

    I've managed to hook a job as a kids camp counselor, only over the summer of course, and luckily for me the camp has multiple different times during the summer they're open, meabime I can at least work there for a little while, I want to have my computer fixed by the summer, but I don't know how possible that is, If I manage to hook the other job I'm looking at right now, I can have everything payed off by I'd say 7-10 weeks, but if not I haven't any idea when I'll be back in session

    I'm avaliable to TALK to on steam, discord, or Instagram if I have you added, so feel free to strike up a conversation every once in a while

    I guess I'll see you all in due time, so farewell for now (and I apologise for any spelling errors, I'm shit at typing on the phone)
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  3. Valias

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    Key tip for everyone: try to get a power supply unit things because if you plug it straight from the wall it will kill the computer or a chance of killing the computer depending on the volts, don’t know the real reason why but it sparks or something when the power goes out and it creates high voltage but learned a lesson from a former teacher of mine, but it’s captains lession but it happens

    Hope to talk to you on discord, Steam, where ever
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