BabyPufferfish JailBreak Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Denied Moderator Applications' started by BabyPufferfish, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. BabyPufferfish

    BabyPufferfish One Poster

    In Game Name (Steam Name): BabyPufferfish

    Have you been around for atleast one month: Yes (Stats for proof)

    Provide the link to your jailbreak stats:

    Are you older than 16: Yes

    What time zone are you in?: UTC+00:00

    Do you have mic: Yes I have Mic

    Are you willing to go Warden?: Yes

    Have you read JailBreak Introduction?: Yes

    Have you read over the guidelines?: Yes

    How many hours do you have logged on our JailBreak server: 2d 03:16:25h

    Which Server do you play on the most?: JailBreak Server #1

    Are you in school?: Yes

    Do you have somebody reputable that is vouching for you?:

    Other: Just to be clear, while due to my limited time on the IdleServer Jailbreak servers it might seem I'm fairly new, I am in no way new to the Jailbreak system. (How things work, the rules, etc.)
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    • Potential Potential x 4
    • Support for Staff(Upvote) Support for Staff(Upvote) x 2
  2. Nightly

    Nightly zoapthedev Staff Member JailBreak Admin Jailbreak Trainer

    Good playtime and pretty mature application format, I just need to see you play more.

    I'm going to be marking this application as a Potential.

    Thank you for applying.
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  3. BabyPufferfish

    BabyPufferfish One Poster

    Duly noted. Thanks for the feedback. ^-^
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  4. King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale)

    King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale) Well-Known Member

    Hey Fam, currently I cant think of you telling of people to read the rules that much. But you are pretty fun to be with! I always like you being online because of how friendly you are. Anyways, +Potential for me homie.
  5. ♠♣SG Reaper♠♣

    ♠♣SG Reaper♠♣ Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Haven't seen you on the servers before so i suggest you play on the servers a little bit more but im going to leave potential for now
  6. King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale)

    King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale) Well-Known Member

    He mostly play at Late Night like me.
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  7. RedTF2
    Dr Pepper Addict

    RedTF2 Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    Denied to lack of support and bumping. Feel free to reapply again.
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