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Which Class Do You Play The Most?

  1. Scout

  2. Soldier

  3. Pyro

  4. Demoman

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  5. Heavy

  6. Engineer

  7. Medic

  8. Sniper

  9. Spy

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  1. TheCyanidePanda
    Holy Shit

    TheCyanidePanda A E S T H E T I C S Former Staff

    Throughout my time on Jailbreak, I've played every class, some more than others but to a degree where I can fully understand and give a 100% answer on which class is the best for each team. (and I got bored lol)

    RED Team -
    The Scout -
    The Scout is a fast and agile class that is usually used by run-and-gun rebellers, primarily the class is used for getting away on large, open maps that the Scout class can move freely in, the Scout class has a wide variety of weapons at his disposal, the most commonly used weapon on Jailbreak servers for the Scout is the Sandman, the Sandman lets the Scout throw a ball at an opponent, and depending on the distance, can stun the opponent/blu for a maximum of about ten seconds. This can allow the Scout to run away out of side and out of mind. Or if there are a few amount of Blus, the Scout can cause a frenzy by throwing the ball at the warden, stunning the warden and running towards the warden hoping to get a random crit and kill the warden.

    In most cases though, this is not the case, while the scout is a fast and agile class, the Scout is also a very flimsy class, having a base health count at 125, and that number is decreased to 110 when the Sandman is equipped, a decently-aimed shotgun shell, rocket, pipe, etc can take out the scout, since the Blu team always has crits.

    When the Scout isn't rebelling though, he is seen beating every game under the sun. Obstacle Course, Deathrun, Sweeper, Maze Game, the list goes on. With the Scout's increased speed and double-jump, an experienced Jailbreak scout can prove fatal for other Reds if not properly taken care of.

    Overall grade:


    The Soldier -
    The Soldier, a hard-hitting semi-tank. The Soldier is exceptional once he obtains ammo, otherwise, the Soldier class is a slow-sluggish, semi-tank. With the Soldier's base health of 200, he can withstand a few hits from Blu's, but is usually seen as a meat shield for a Medic, Scout, or Sniper. As with his reduced movement, it is hard to combat any Blu's that aren't an Engineer, Sniper, Or Spy, granted these classes are aswell using melee's.

    The most useful melee weapon at the Soldier's disposal, being the Equalizer, Escape Plan, and Half-Zatoichi. In my opinion the most worth-while would be the Half-Zatoichi, granting 50% of your health back on a successful kill, not assist. Meaning if you are at 100 HP and you kill an enemy, you are put back up to 200 HP. The Equalizer I can see being used for Pool (Sharks & minnows) and Arena Pit/Knife Pit(Gladiator/Meatgrinder). As the lower health you have, the higher the damage output on the Equalizer is. The Escape Plan I can only see being used against slow or flimsy classes, such as the Demoman, Spy, and Engineer, the Escape Plan grants higher speed with the lower HP you have.

    Though for any game that isn't Pool or Arena, the soldier struggles, especially when faced against movement-based games such as Obstacle Course, Deathrun, Maze Race, Minefield, etc. His decreased movement plays a major factor in this.

    Overall grade:


    The Pyro -
    An underused class in my eyes, the Pyro has a base-health count at 175, making it almost equivalent to the Soldier. The Pyro has a MUCH better arsenal in Red-Team scenarios, having the infamous third-degree earrape taunt, and the Sharpened Volcano Fragment, the Volcano Fragment is a very reliable and underused weapon on Red-Team, if collided with an opponent, not only does it do damage, is ignites the opponent, slowly burning them to death, hit them a couple more times and they will either die from your melee attack or from burn damage, the only exception to this being the Heavy and Medic. Along with probably the most used weapon for Pyro, the Powerjack. Giving the Pyro increased speed and if a successful kill is made with the Powerjack, it grants 25 hp back to the user.

    The Pyro has an average speed, making him viable for every game under the sun, but not exceptional like the Scout or Medic. The Pyro being well-equipped for rebelling scenarios if having a pocket medic at their side, can sweep a team of Scouts, Soldiers, and possibly Heavys.

    With no real bad cons, the Pyro is an efficient killing machine when an experienced TF2 Jailbreak player is controlling the class.

    Overall grade:



    The Demoman -

    The Demoman, another underused class, ever since the Ullapool Caber being nerfed into being almost unusable, the Demoman is average on almost very category, health, weaponry, rebelling, etc. Having a base health stat at 175, it is in-line with the Pyro class, but the Demoman's arsenal is much smaller, that being because Sticky Launchers are banned and Grenade Launchers have a wide spread, being useful on Red team, but not on Blu team. This all being if the player being the Demoman successfully has rebelled and got ammo, and if the player is a decent enough shot to land pills on their targets, this usually not being the case unless it is a very close-quarters situation.

    In fights, the Demoman lacks, usually resorting to the wide-variety of melee options, the Demoman's saving-grace being the Eyelander, having the largest melee-range than any other weapon in the game, alongside the Disciplinary Action. In any melee situation that is not against a Medic, the Demoman is sure to prevail if the player controlling the Demoman is decently experienced.

    Overall grade:


    The Heavy -
    The Heavy, the man of lard and fat, but the class no one can fully hate. The Heavy being a big softie on the inside, but a burly tank on the outside, the Heavy can take and dish out damage in any fighting situation, often being seen with a Soldier, Medic, or another Heavy, mowing down the Blu team with relative ease with the Heavy's wide arsenal of Miniguns such beauties as the Tomislav, Natascha, and even the stock Minigun can prove deadly to any Blu underestimating this class.

    The Heavy's base-health at 300 proves to be more than enough when taking on Blu's, and if played correctly can sweep through a whole team of Blu's on it's own.

    But all of this comes with the Heavy's biggest weakness, his speed. Being the slowest than any other class, the Heavy can easily be out-maneuvered by a Scout or Sniper that can take pot-shots on the Heavy's wide hitbox, and can be taken out of the player controlling the Heavy is not playing correctly, the Heavy being the main choice of new Jailbreak players also supports this.

    Overall grade:



    The Engineer -
    The Engineer, probably the least-used class for the Jailbreak servers, this being because the Engineers primary function is stripped away from it, building machines. Without the Engineer's trusty sentry, dispenser, or teleporters, the Engineer is just a slower version of the scout, being equipped with a standard shotgun given to more reliable classes like the Heavy, Demoman and Soldier.

    Melee-wise, the Engineer has a saving-grace, that being the Southern Hospitality, even with it's nerf, the Southern Hospitality can still prove lethal if played correctly, as the Southern Hospitality deals bleed damage if successfully hit against an opponent, just like with the Sharpened Volcano Fragment, a few well-timed hits can give the Engineer an edge in combat situations, though this edge proves to have little effect, being a flimsy class, only having 125 hp can be taken out as easily as the Scout.

    Overall Grade:



    The Medic -
    The Medic, probably the most-picked class by experienced Jailbreak players, the Medic is a very useful class in almost every situation, having a base-health count at 150, it isn't the best, but that is fixed when the Medic has his regeneration ability, when hit, the Medic slowly restores it's hp over a period of time, this class being most picked during Hunger Games, combo'd with the Medic's iconic melee, the Ubersaw, granting 25% uber-charge per-hit. The Medic is a lethal killing machine and a big threat for Blu's and other Red's alike.

    Also spawning with a Medigun of the players choosing, the Medic is capable of charging an uber of which popped correctly, can be devastating for a team of Blu's, especially if the ubered patient has Guns. Even more deadly is the triple threat. A Kritzkrieg Medic, a Uber-Medic, and a Heavy/Soldier. Either the Heavy and Soldier with their Uber and Kritz can completely annihilate a team of Blu's in a matter of seconds, proving that the Medic is one of the most useful classes for a Red team. Support and Combat wise.

    The Medic also having an increased speed, almost equivalent to the Scout can be used efficiently in games that require speed as a factor for winning, and if a Medic is falling behind a Scout, all the Medic has to do is be healing the Scout, granting the Medic equivalent speed as the Scout. The only downside in sight with the Medic class being that it doesn't have double-jump capabilities, if the Medic was provided this, it would be certain the majority of a Red team would be made up of Medics.

    Overall Grade

    (Very Good)


    The Sniper -
    The Sniper, being efficient when having his trusty sniper-rifle at his disposal, but can also prove lethal with his Tribalman's Shiv, the Tribalman's Shiv works like the Volcano Fragment and Southern Hospitality, giving bleed damage if the weapon comes in contact with an enemy, the Sniper on Red team also having a very high crit rate, also can prove lethal against Blu's.

    But when pitted up against Red's, the Snipers high-crit rate is seemingly diminished and is usually only seen fighting with melee's against other Reds. The Sniper's already low Health-Count does not help the class at all, being at a low 125, can easily be taken out by one random crit or a misplaced scattergun, rocket, or shotgun shot.

    Overall Grade -



    The Spy -
    The Spy, last but not least, this class at first glance is a flimsy class, that can be broken like glass, being able to be one-shotted by any gun from under the sun, including, but not limited to, the Scattergun, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Minigun, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, and even the Spy's own Revolver.

    Though under it's glass exterior, the Spy has a trump card, the Knife. The Knife, provided you land a successful backstab, deals an instant kill, and if the Spy can land a chain stab, a whole team of Blu's can be demolished in one chain, leaving the Spy as the MVP.

    Though this backstab capability is removed when placed against other Red-team members, leaving the spy defenseless if he is not provided a revolver, almost always being the first to die in games such as Pool or Arena.

    Overall Grade -


    BLU Team -

    (To be continued)
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  2. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

    Scout is a must if you need to rebel. He can dish out tons of damage and it's easy to get away from guards with. Usually I like to use the Candy Cane so when I kill someone I can heal up a bit, and the downside doesn't really matter since you already get one shotted from a rocket or grenade. Spy is good for freedays as he can use the eternal reward to disguise as a blue, hide so he's not green and then go with the blues to seem like a blue. Engineer is good for trying to win in my opinion (since I know you said he's bad, but bad for rebelling.) as his speed is good for obby and he has 2 idle taunts.
  3. Captain Meliodas
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Engi is bad for fighting blues head on...
    But if you can teleport back to the maincell area... and if you know your maps well enough you can get away and hide...

    it can also be efficent for sneak attacks... because if you're not confident in your spy game you can sneak up with a wrench which does a lot of damage...

    With the medic it's great for rebelling

    I play mostly medic and sniper when i'm on red team for these reasons...

    For one the hitboxes for medic are broken making it more difficult to loose at hunger games... you can also get your uber up to 99% so that the guards don't know you're ready at any time to help rebel...

    the melee speed is decent and the damage is balanced out... plus the regen gives him advantages in games like minefield and meat grinder

    overall I agree with this list Cyan...
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  4. a pile of eevee

    a pile of eevee Well-Known Member

    I don't see why you rated soldier so low. With the conch you can passively heal hp with is major when getting hurt and to add to that you can survive a crit from every class' stock which lots of people use for whatever reason. With the whip you're extra hitbox can hurt baiters which I love doing and the speed is great. His rocket launcher can be extremely good when you have ammo if you get the chance, and he has the second highest hp in the game which can be really useful as stated above. Overall, I'd rate soldier at least 7/10 instead of 4/10. Thank you.
  5. TheCyanidePanda
    Holy Shit

    TheCyanidePanda A E S T H E T I C S Former Staff

    The Soldier is rated so low mostly due to the classes movement speed. Sure the conch is a good passive-healer, but it is also a situational weapon. I can only see the conch being used effectively during a hunger games. The Disciplinary action while has the range of an Eyelander, also is pretty useless when a Blu is smart enough to not get close to the Soldier, so if you are facing a newish/dumb guard then yeah soldier is pretty good, but in any other situation, the soldier can be trampled by a Blus Rocket, Pipe, Flamethrower, Sniper Rifle, you get it.

    Red vs Red on the other hand is a total different story, Soldier is a good Pvper against every class besides the Medic, if in a HG situation, the Soldier can wait out a the fight and come in last-second sweeping. Though when put in a 1v1 with the Medic, the Medic has a VERY high chance of winning that fight, considering the Medics passive-healing ability, which is much faster/more effective than a Soldier with a conch. Though, if the Medic is not very experienced with Melee fights, the win can easily switch to the Soldier, if equipped with the Disciplinary action, the Soldier can make hit-and-run attacks of which can be effective against any class, though usually a Warden would order a continuous fight with noone running away, so unless the Soldier receives a random crit in that fight, the Medic usually has a 65% chance of winning a 1v1 melee (if moderately experienced).

    Overall rethinking the Soldier on Red, I can see his working sort of alright, but not enough to deserve a 7/10, I'll raise it to a 5/10.
  6. Not So Festive Warden

    Not So Festive Warden Well-Known Member

    I agree, especially if you can get ammo then a nice meatshot with the shotgun. They are super ez to pick off then
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